Remade 2013

Click here to view an article and interview by Karen Revie and Leandro Palacio with Remade curator Ralf Haertel in 2013.

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Frocks In Shops 2013

Frocks In Shops 2013 created an unusual alliance between a credit union, music store, popular café, second-hand shop and two boutiques known for their funky fashions. Heritage Isle Credit Union, Mojo Music, Milkbar Café, Chilli Palmers, Nanna’s and Floral Kitty all played host to selected wearable art outfits from Remade 2012 highlighting recycled materials and Tasmanian creativity in fashion and wearable art. Each of the artworks changed venues over the time leading up to Remade 2013 providing a colourful kaleidoscope of art for each host’s venue.

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