The Castle Wall Project


The School of Architecture and Design at the University of Tasmania, Launceston, in conjunction with Youth Futures have been developing, refining, and constructing a series of relocatable/mobile home units in response to youth housing issues in Tasmania.

This project transformed three ‘castles’ from their basic form into representations of home as envisaged and realised by tenants from community housing initiatives supported through Anglicare Tasmania.

Launceston based sculptor and public artist Ross Byers worked with volunteers from Thyne House, Thistle Street and Indigo Lodge to design and fully repaint the interior of one of the units opening up the space and exploring participants’ perceptions of home.

A second unit coordinated by Launceston artist Mat Carey under the guidance of Art Trail curator Ralf Haertel acted as a temporary mini gallery showcasing work by tenants

The final unit operated as a kind of time-lapse performance space with the interior being incrementally transformed from empty space to lived-in home over the period of one week.

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